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Interview: Ismail Sirdah

In 2010 Ismail Sirdah launched an event using the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta as their venue to promote Lulu Promotions & Music.

Ismail Sirdah’s most effective tools for promoting your event

When it comes to event promotion, the methods of promotion you are going to use depend largely on where you are, your goals, and who you are trying to reach.

Tips for Event Planning During COVID-19 in Georgia

Event planning will likely never be the same again. With new restrictions in place in every state, including Georgia, throwing an event is going to require even more preparation than normal.

the Best Ways to Market Your Events Online in 2020

The date is set. The venue is booked. The schedule is confirmed. Now you just need guests. Attracting people to your event is often the hardest part of hosting an event.

How Event Marketers Can Remain Productive in Downtime

It can be difficult to stay motivated while in lockdown, especially for someone who works in the event industry, which has largely been halted in the wake of COVID-19.