Ismail Sirdah Highlights Exciting Trends In Event Promotion For 2020

Ismail Sirdah Highlights Exciting Trends in Event Promotion for 2020

To succeed at event promotion, you have to be dynamic, flexible, and above all else, willing to innovate. For venues and planners alike, this means getting ahead of the trends in event management and being daring enough to try something new. As the owner and founder of successful promotion company Lulu Promotions,  Ismail Sirdah stays ahead of the curve, and wants to help you do the same. His techniques have helped Lulu Promotions become the number one promotion company in Georgia with Spanish and Latino markets.


Ismail Sirdah explains that one of the current trends is sustainability. Climate change was rightfully at the top of everyone’s mind in 2019, and will continue to be a major theme as corporations and individuals make a commitment to lessen their impact on the environment. The same goes for events, which have traditionally been a fairly wasteful industry. As a sustainable event, you have several options: switching to a digital ticketing system, using biodegradable alternatives to cutlery, cups, and plates, and donating leftover food to local charities. By far, travel has the biggest carbon footprint with roughly 73%. Given this statistic, you might want to focus on local attendance, or move your events online to reduce this waste. When it comes to sustainability, the sky’s the limit. 

A Focus on Mental and Physical Well-Being 

In a move towards more mindful practices, Ismail Sirdah explains that dozens of companies are ditching the ‘hustle and grind’ mentality for a more balanced approach. Favoring mindfulness and wellness, workers are placing a greater importance on mental health and general well-being practices. In addition to your event, you may want to consider allowing breathing room in between seminars, talks, or workshops, by either inviting a yoga or meditation teacher to lead a session, or cushioning the event with more time to connect. Not only does this put attendees at ease, it invites guests to more meaningfully connect with one another and your brand.

Unique Event Spaces

In keeping with the move towards sustainability and wellness, the demand for smaller, more intimate events is also growing. Ismail Sirdah explains that these smaller events allow individuals authentic opportunities to meet face-to-face, providing an excellent opportunity for companies to engage their audiences and build trust. Not only does this reduce your event cost and overall carbon footprint, but it promotes meaningful interaction. 

While corporations have traditionally booked out hotel conference rooms for their events and seminars, there is a growing demand for unique, non-traditional spaces. From museums to galleries, warehouses, barns, cellars and gardens, companies are looking to create wholly unique experiences for attendees. In addition to satisfying customer demand, this approach also seeks to support small, local business. Building partnerships with these unique venues can be a great way to benefit from some cross-promotional marketing.

Lastly, Ismail Sirdah has seen a growing trend in the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies. As they become more commonplace and affordable, companies have started using them to engage event attendees and enhance their overall experience.

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