Ismail Sirdah Explains How to Ensure You Are Getting the Right Promoter for Your Event

Planning an event is one thing, but promoting an event is something else entirely. Ismail Sirdah is a professional businessman and event promoter, who is currently at the helm of Lulu Promotions, a company that has grown to be the largest promotion company within the Hispanic and Latino markets in Georgia. He provides his top four tips for ensuring that you’re choosing the right promoter for your event. 

Go with the Expert

If you’re going to hire an independent event promoter, like Lulu Productions in Dekalb County, Georgia, then it’s best to go with a team or individual who are experts in their field. For example, Ismail Sirdah’s Lulu Promotions has grown to become the number one promotion company in Georgia within the Hispanic and Latino markets. In essence, they are experts when it comes to this demographic; understanding what types of events will attract this demographic, and what types of marketing materials will reach this demographic most effectively. The key is to find an event promoter that is an expert in whatever genre or type of event you’re putting on. Are you throwing an LGBTQ+ event? Then find an event promoter with strong ties to the local queer community. Do you have a huge rock concert on the docket? Look for someone who knows classic rock fans like the back of their hand. The more niche your event promoter is, the more successful they will be at promoting your event.

Hire Someone Who Will Prioritize Relationships

Every businessman and woman knows that strong relationships are the backbone of business, shares Ismail Sirdah. If you are a venue that doesn’t have a great reputation within the entertainment industry, then hiring an event promoter is a must. After all, everyone within the industry knows that if a venue isn’t well received, artists simply won’t agree to play there. That is where an event promoter comes in. Part of the job of promotion companies like Duluth, Georgia’s Lulu Promotions are to act as a mediary, helping to negotiate a contract or agreement between the entertainment and the entertainment venue. Having a third party in the form of an event promoter enter the equation can make or break a business deal. 

Get References

According to Ismail Sirdah, if you’re hiring a new employee, you always request references. Hiring an event promoter is no different. Although the length of the contract might be shorter, they are still ultimately an employee that your event venue is hiring. Thus, it is up to you to do your due diligence and check their references. The only way to know if they are good at their job is to get in touch with their previous clients. Ask the event promoter what other local businesses or event venues they have worked with and ask for the contact information for each of these references. When you call these past clients, be sure to ask about their overall experience with the promoter, as well as whether they delivered on their promises, were enjoyable to work with, and negotiated a fair price for their services. Having this information will certainly help you decide if that promoter is right for you, shares Ismail Sirdah.

Have an Impromptu Brainstorming Session

When hiring an event promoter, Ismail Sirdah always recommends that while interviewing them, you ask them to brainstorm a few ideas regarding how they would promote your event. After all, being able to think on your feet is a crucial skill event promoters must possess. Plus, by asking this question, you’ll get a feel for their style of event promotion, their experience in the field, and how much they bothered to prepare for the interview. Be sure to ask them pointed questions during the brainstorming session, such as “what marketing strategies do you employ to gain more information about a target demographic?” or “what is one tactic you would use to promote our event and why do you think it will work with the demographic?” The prospective event promoter’s answers to these questions can help you determine whether you think they will work well with your team and be an effective promoter for your event.

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